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Our Services

Custom Capabilities

Save Time and increase your bottom line with a partner in your supply chain sourcing. With our industry network, we have vetted comprehensive manufacturing partners that have broad capabilities including CNC machining, custom extrusions, injection molding, robotic welding, complete assembly and Design & Engineering.  

CNC Machining 

Our principal partnerships allow us to provide the complete scope of solutions from basic shapes to 4 and 5 axis machining competencies for plastic and metal finished parts. Our machining includes both vertical and horizontal milling capabilities. Our partner is one of the largest CNC Machining Centers in the Midwest and meets ISO 9001:2015 Certification. 


4 Lens Mfg. provide solutions that combine experience, expertise and extensive capabilities. Whether you have basic shape requirements or complex machining needs, we can help! 


Robotic Welding

Robotic welding began growing quickly and already commands about 20% of industrial robot applications. Many benefits of robotic welding services have proven to make it a technology that helps many OEM manufacturers increase accuracy, repeat-ability and throughput. Robotic Welding increases productivity and reduces manufacturing labor costs that translates to cost savings for our OEM customers.

The major components of arc welding robots are the manipulator, the mechanical unit and the controller which acts as the robot’s “brain”.  The robot may weld from a pre-programmed position, guided by machine vision, or by a combination of the two methods.  Contact us today to assist in your short run and long run applications. 

Laser Cutting

4 Lens Mfg. Partnerships has highly efficient laser cutting operations with World Class laser cutting capabilities with a fully operational FMS system to load material, unload cut material, and automatically input the required programs, this equipment is among the most efficient in the Midwest. 

Laser cutting allows our customer to save on tooling costs and is great for new product design. With investments in automated equipment and extensive training our principal partners set the standard in quality. 

We look forward to discussing how we are helping save time and money with advanced technology for plastic and metal laser cutting solutions with FMS automation. 

Mechanical Engineer

Design & Engineering

At 4 Lens Mfg. Our comprehensive partnership is more than just machining. Our host of capabilities reach farther than just machining parts from a print. 


We take concept to reality with design and engineering service. At 4 Lens Mfg. we assist in every step of the engineering design process from research, concept generation, preliminary & detailed design to design for manufacturability. Rest assured you can rely on 4 Lens to assist in your new product design every step of the way!


This is just another way we are setting the standard as a single source solution for our customers. Contact us today to discuss taking your idea from paper to product!

Metal & Plastic Fabrication

With comprehensive capabilities that are vast, 4 Lens mfg. offers metal and plastic fabrication that adds to our pledge as a single source solution for your production demand.  Our capabilities extend to plastic and metal finishing services that include cut to size, kitting and more.

4 Lens partners with best- in- class manufactures so you can rely on first class solutions.   An extensive equipment list is an indication of our commitment to be among the most efficient and competitive Metal & Plastic Fabrication suppliers in the US.  Our partners are dedicated to continuous investment in the best automated equipment and training to allow us to produce your products at a consistently low cost. 

Engineering Plans

Combined Assembly

With the unique service of both metals and plastic machining and fabrication, 4 Lens is truly a single source option for Combined Assembly. Our platform is truly the full-service resource in one place. With our automated welding we are able to provide a complete product. This is what sets us apart from standard distributors or machine shops.

If you are looking for an assembly source, look no further. With our ongoing commitment to innovation 4 Lens Mfg has you covered as a one stop shop. We understand the challenges of combined commodity solutions under one roof. We provide completed assembly for both high mix - low volume assemblies and high volume - high mix assemblies. Contact us to discuss your assembly requirements today!

Engineered Profile Extrusions

Expert profile extrusion of crystalline and amorphous materials including COPE, TPU and TPE. Durometers ranging from 70 Shore A to 55 Shore D. Profile diameters range from 6mm to 38mm with 300lbs per hour incandescent dying capability. Additional capabilities include loss weight blending at the extruder allowing inline blending of two materials and color concentrate or additives.

Our Extrusion production bases process monitoring and quality systems on rigorous automotive industry quality standards. Utilizing Six Sigma and lean manufacturing approaches to solve quality problems and keep cost of manufacturing low is everyday manufacturing approach.

plastic angle profile.jpg

Injection Molding Components

Our injection molding partners offer precision plastic injection molded components and complex sub - assemblies.


We offer complete 3-D part design with TS-16949 Registration, full SPC and closed loop process control implementation backed by various data analysis methods. Our manufacturing partners are located in the Midwest with state-of-the-art facilities. 


Equipment List

Broad Capabilities

Please review our extensive machining, extrusion lines and equipment. 


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